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Zelda Fanfic Archive 10/18/99


      Link went on for a few more days, monitoring the ship, fishing, and checking his stores of fresh water, which can be a sailor’s most precious commodity. He estimated that he’d have about three months of stores left, not counting the fish he caught. I hope it doesn’t take that long.
      He went about his duties on the ship, checking the compass, setting the sails, and checking the rudder. Not feeling much like fishing, he decided to go up to the crow’s nest to have a nice little nap. He awoke an hour later, feeling something through the ship. I don’t like this. What could be going on?
      He looked down to find his deck swarmed by Bari, their jellyfish-like tentacles bringing water onto the ship. Great, just what I need. Why can’t I just have an uneventful day once in a while? He had only his Longshot in the Crow’s Nest with him. He searched for his bow and arrow, and found it, up on the bridge of the ship. Why do I never have what I need when I need it?
      Link’s mind was racing, his Longshot couldn’t reach from here, but, it could from the sails. He balanced himself as best he could and took off his boots for more traction. He then proceeded to walk across the narrow cylinder of wood to where he could reach his weapon. He carefully took step, after step, after--- "AUGH!!!!!!" Link shot towards the floor and the happily waiting Bari, tentacles reaching out lovingly towards him.


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