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welcome to the Zelda Fanfic Archive
last updated 10/18/99

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A Journey by Apollo

In this follow-up to Muerante, Link travels to a distant land to find and destroy Ganon's sinister book of immortality.

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wood_sword.jpg (400 bytes)The Legend of Zelda / The Adventure of Link
white_sword.jpg (430 bytes)Link's Awakening
master_sword.jpg (475 bytes)A Link to the Past
recorder.jpg (422 bytes)Ocarina of Time

letter.jpg (435 bytes)no specific game
map.jpg (476 bytes)multiple games
spell_book.jpg (464 bytes)poetry

white_sword.gif (1132 bytes)After by K-Bowser
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After Ganon by Starseeker
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Against the Tides by Ria - 4 chapters
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Another Day by Anthony Testa
master_sword.gif (1161 bytes)The Ballad of the Imprisoning War by Casey Floyd
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Before the Final Showdown by Kristen
master_sword.gif (1161 bytes)The Boy of Destiny by Susanne
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)A Boy's Fate by Link
letter.jpg (634 bytes)A Coming of Age by Joseph D. Olson
master_sword.jpg (637 bytes)The Dark Anna by Megan
master_sword.gif (1161 bytes)Chronicles of a Vigilant Sage by Tania Rojas
master_sword.jpg (637 bytes)The Circle has Three Corners by Griff Gyrll
wood_sword.gif (1127 bytes)The Dark Castle by Matthew McMullen - 6 parts
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)A Dark Cloud by Mike Esposito
master_sword.gif (1161 bytes)Destiny by Princess Virgo
master_sword.jpg (637 bytes)Double Trouble by Ben Berntsen - 3 parts
letter.jpg (634 bytes)The Eight Diamonds by Greg Gandenberger
master_sword.jpg (637 bytes)The Enchantment by Megan
empty.gif (849 bytes)Escape from the Abyss by Belgarath the Sorcerer - 3 chapters
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)The Final Evil by Ben - 7 chapters
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Forging A Friendship by Rayne (external)
master_sword.jpg (637 bytes)Future's End by Peter Michaelson
moblin_small.gif (910 bytes)Ganondorf by Magisuth
letter.jpg (634 bytes)Ganon's Deadly Trio by Jason Boaz - 3 chapters
wood_sword.gif (1127 bytes)The Great Adventure by Nathan Fischer
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)A Hero's Fate by Caroline - 2 chapters
recorder.jpg (422 bytes)A Journey by Apollo - 3 chapters fairy_small.gif (878 bytes)
letter.jpg (634 bytes)Keeper of the Triforce by Gregory Irgang
letter.jpg (634 bytes)Kindred Love by Sara Freitag
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)The King of Sages by Zucatt the sage king - 3 chapters
recorder.jpg (422 bytes)The Legacy of Heroes by Starseeker - 3 parts
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)The Legend of the Gerudo Heir by Xerjester - 4 chapters
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Link and Saria by Link
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Link's New Journey by Thacia Diamon - 4 chapters
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Link's New Quest by Mariet Megerdichian - 7 chapters
recorder.jpg (422 bytes)Muerante by Apollo - 4 chapters moblin_small.gif (910 bytes)
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)A New Beginning by Rayne (external)
letter.jpg (634 bytes)The Odyssey of Trent by Sir Michael - 5 chapters
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)One Life's Power by Mack Costello - 4 parts
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)The Order of the Gryphon by Gryphon - 10 parts
letter.jpg (634 bytes)Queen of the Faeries by Michelle Vanderhoff
master_sword.jpg (637 bytes)The Quest by Megan - 2 chapters
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Quest for the Sages by Starseeker - 20 chapters
recorder.gif (1144 bytes)The Quest of King Zora by Belgarath the Sorcerer - 10 chapters
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Recovery of the Triforce by Starseeker
master_sword.jpg (637 bytes)The Ruby of Death by Gregory Irgang
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)The Saga of Link's Past by Link Greene
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Sages of Evil by Susanne - 2 parts
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Second Best by Cade
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)The Secret Sage by Elena L. Sanchez - 2 chapters
master_sword.jpg (637 bytes)The Sister by Megan
master_sword.jpg (637 bytes)The Snow by Megan
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)The Songbird by Eon - 3 chapters
letter.jpg (634 bytes)The Spirit of Atva by Tania Rojas
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)The Sword's Resurrection by Dragoon30 - 8 chapters
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Tides of the Uniforce by ChristianWarrior
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Time Trouble by Susanne - 8 parts
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Triforce Sickness by Princess Virgo - 5 chapters
letter.jpg (634 bytes)The Truth is of Both Good and Evil by Mack Castello - 5 chapters
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Where They Started From by Princess Virgo - 7 chapters
master_sword.jpg (637 bytes)Xavier by Eric Hunter
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Zelda: For All Time by Jen South
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Zelda in Big Trouble by Susanne
recorder.jpg (657 bytes)Zelda's Kidnapping by Starseeker

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Moblin's picks

Gwah!   Apollo's newest story continues the plot began in Muerante, his first work.  Read Muerante and then A Journey, his newest, to follow Link's adventure.

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letter from the Editor

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